About Apples and Moore

Hello Everyone,

My name is Alec Moore, the owner of Apples and Moore (Previously Reisinger’s Apple Country). I took over the farm from the Reisinger family in January of 2021.

What began as Reisinger’s Apple Country in the Early 1990’s with the idea to grow enough fruit to pay the property taxes. At that time there was 40 acres of open fields with 1 acre of apples planted on it. One thing led to another and the Reisinger family grew the farm to 12,000+ trees and a flourishing u-pick apple business.

My story here at Reisinger’s Apple Country began in 1998 at the age of 5 helping plant that original acre of apple trees.  10 years down the line I was working with the Reisinger’s nearly full time during the summer and on weekends while in school. I did this through my early years of college until moving away to finish my schooling. In my time away I receive my bachelors from SUNY Cobleskill and a Master’s in Horticulture from Cornell University. Upon completing my education I had decided that I really wanted to follow my passion for agriculture and this farm I had grown up working on.

 With that being said I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to make a dream come true and own this business. It is an honor to be able continue the traditions and all the hard work the Reisinger’s have put in over the last 30 years. Additionally, I look forward to continuing to provide a great experience to our loyal customers.

I hope that my time here at Reisinger’s has provided me with the necessary knowledge to offer the same experience to our customers going forward. During crunch times, fall harvest, you will see some familiar faces in our neighbors and friends that make themselves available to help every year. Everyone here at Reisinger’s is dedicated to making sure your experience at the farm is fun, relaxing, educational, and bountiful.

 The farm opened to the public for picking in 2002. Since then “word of mouth” has brought a wave of loyal pick-your-own families and friends to our farm. Our goal is to provide a place where family and friends can experience a beautiful day picking quality apples and fall raspberries. Nearly 50 acres of orchards, fields and meadows are open to stroll through while looking for those perfect apples or sampling sweet berries. You will have many opportunities to teach the kids about the value of fresh fruit and nutrition.

Ask about tours of the farm and our educational programs. Traditionally, over a 1,000 children from area schools tour our orchards and pick an apple every year. Spring workshops are held to show you how to prune your trees or plant fruit in your home gardens

The tops of the apple trees are picked by us to provide bagged apples for sale in the farm store. Other seasonal fruit grown on our farm are plums, blueberries, raspberries and pears. These are packaged in the sales room for your convenience when available. On the weekend Homemade Apple Cider Donuts are always a special hit. Apple butter, jams and jelly are made on-site, using our fruit. Locally produced apple cider, honey, maple and crafts from area artisans areavailable for browsing as well.

We offer easy picking from the ground, easily accessible to all. No ladders needed as all our fruit is easily accessible. Take one of our wagons for easy hauling (picking bags are provided). When you enter our apple orchard, there will be lots of memories to be made and shared. Cameras come in handy. Enjoy!

We are open Mid-August through Early November depending on the crop and the season. Hours are 9:00AM to 6:00PM seven days a week when in season.

Check back frequently to the website and our Facebook for updates on opening date and what fruits are available for picking.