Apple Variety: Empire
Approximate Availability: Late September/Early October
Flavor: Sweet-Tart and Juicy
Best Use: Excellent All Purpose
Origin: McIntosh x Red Del., Geneva Exp. Staton 1945


  1. I see the empire apples approximate available date is October 1st, do you have an actual available date for picking empires yet?

    Thank you,

  2. Brianne Tucker says:

    Took my class there yesterday. Though the weather was cold and yucky the apples were delicious! I am taking my own kids there tomorrow to pick some for the house.

  3. I have been eating Empires for years. I try others and it’s not that I dislike them , it’s just that they aren’t crunchy Empires.
    Going to pick this weekend. Can’t wait.

  4. Anna Marie Allegretto says:

    Coming up from North Carolina to pick my apples for applesauce! I know people like a mix but Empires are my favorite to work with. Thank you!

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