Honey Crisp

Apple Variety: Honey Crisp
Approximate Availability: Mid September
Flavor: Sweet-tart and Juicy
Best Use: Fresh Eating and Baking
Origin: Macoun x Honeygold, U. of Minn 1991


  1. Hannah Lopez says:


  2. Steve Hudson says:

    The Honey Crisp we picked last year (2013) were outstanding, hoping for the same this year!!

  3. I absolutely love these apples!! I set the date on my calendar to come pick some in september!!

  4. I’ve been to this apple farm many times and it’s always a clean, friendly environment. The countryside is beautiful and makes visiting a wonderful escape from every day routines. The freedom to eat an apple while picking is a reminder that fresh produce is something we have to have more of. I look forward to visiting this farm every year and in fact I’m planning a trip today, as well as when the Honey Crisps become available. Thank you Reisingers for the amazing produce and the hardwork you put in to deliver an exceptional product and service!


    My family and I went up to pick apples for the first time at the orchard yesterday. It was the cleanest and nicest orchard we had ever been to. We picked Honeycrisp apples and every one that we picked were larger then my fist and each to get to. They are SO yummy too! We will be making this a yearly trip 🙂

  6. Steven Burlingame says:

    My daughter and I have made this a yearly tradition to Reisingers, she is now 14 and is always excited about this trip! We LOVE the Honey Crisp.

  7. Kurt Hollasch says:

    Honeycrisp…the Cadillac of eating apples!

  8. Jerry & Ellen Hamilton says:

    We picked 52 pounds of Honey Crisp last year and all of our friends in Florida wanted more. We are back to pick again this year though not as much. Smaller vehicle this year! Loved the apples we were so sad when they were all gone. Loved the orchard, so easy to pick and the apple cider doughnuts are great too!

  9. Eugenea Johnson says:

    Oh my, by far the best eating apple. Like eating candy! Crisp and sweet!! Great dried also! LOVE my honey crisp.

  10. Jamie Melville says:

    Is Sept 15 the 2018 start date? Honeycrisp go fast!

  11. Michael Wright says:

    My wife and I have been picking apples here since their second year open. It was purchased this year by a new owner, but a veteran in the apple industry. He grew up on this very farm and is very friendly and loves what he does. This is the most beautiful orchard we have ever been to. It is so organized and clean and they keep you posted on the website if they are going to open something early. Under the new owner things will stay as good as they were and probably even progress! The apples are always their priority and the orchard’s asthetics have improved a lot this year. When it comes to customer service, they are kind, cordial and professional! I suggest 100% for a great family day. Make sure to get a picture of the family in the big chair!

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