Snap Dragon

Apple Variety:  Snap Dragon
Approximate Availability: Late September
 Flavor: Extra sweet and juicy, Crispy texture
Best Use:  Excellent eating, good for salads, recipes, and kids lunches
Origin:  Cornell University’s apple breeding program


  1. Brian Moore says:

    In my opinion this is the best apple I ever ate! As its pick date gets closer, I keep thinking about it more and more!

  2. Bill Lepkowski says:

    Never have tried Snapdragons. before . If they are similar to Honey Crisp in texture only sweeter I would sure like to try them this year.

  3. ROBIN NILES says:

    I can’t wait to try these, I’ve been checking everyday to see if they are ready . And I have to bring the grandkids this time they love picking apples

  4. Would love to sample these as well.
    See you Oct 5th 2017 !!

  5. linda rossman says:

    let me know dates for snapdragon

  6. Christine Mcenroe says:

    The WALT DISNEY of apples simply the BEST!!!!!! Plus they have a really cool name.

  7. Bob Joralemon says:

    One of the best eating apples ever. Thank you Cornell University. Please continue the good work. Also be sure to give reisingers first shot at any new ones. They know what to do with them.

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