Apple Variety: Zestar
Approximate Availability Date: Mid August
Flavor: Sweet-Tart
Best Use: Fresh Eating and Cooking
Origin: State Fair x Minn 1691, Univ of Minn 1991


  1. Carol Ingram says:

    We were the couple you let pick last Sunday because I was coming to MS. Thanks so much.
    The Apples were so good. Just wish I could have brought more with me. I Love The Zestra has the most
    juice and I thought Ginger Gold was my favorite but I think I have changed me mind.

    Do you ever mail any out? I would like to have more I have. I have eaten all or given away all that I bought that day.

  2. Bill Maitland says:

    The Zestar could easily become my favorite apple. For an early variety it is firm but extremely juicy with a wonderful sweetness! Great apple!!

  3. Desperate to make a pie. Usually go with Cortland or Empire. Took a chance with Zestar since it was early season. Pie came out great. Also we found zestar good for eating.

  4. Zestar easily the best apple out there if you like tart apples. We make amazing applesauce with it and use Z’s to flavor wine. Super juicy, maybe not Honeycrisp, but close

    Hard to find and even harder to find trees to plant.

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