Apple Variety: Zestar
Approximate Availability Date: Mid August
Flavor: Sweet-Tart
Best Use: Fresh Eating and Cooking
Origin: State Fair x Minn 1691, Univ of Minn 1991


  1. Carol Ingram says:

    We were the couple you let pick last Sunday because I was coming to MS. Thanks so much.
    The Apples were so good. Just wish I could have brought more with me. I Love The Zestra has the most
    juice and I thought Ginger Gold was my favorite but I think I have changed me mind.

    Do you ever mail any out? I would like to have more I have. I have eaten all or given away all that I bought that day.

  2. Bill Maitland says:

    The Zestar could easily become my favorite apple. For an early variety it is firm but extremely juicy with a wonderful sweetness! Great apple!!

  3. Desperate to make a pie. Usually go with Cortland or Empire. Took a chance with Zestar since it was early season. Pie came out great. Also we found zestar good for eating.

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